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Take back control of your life

When people experience trauma or abuse it is devastating. It is not something that they asked for or deserved. It is not their fault and it should never have happened.

But for me the greatest tragedy is when someone has had to go through all of that sometimes many years ago and the past is still hijacking and sabotaging their lives and choices NOW! Particularly with abuse as effectively this means that they are continuing to be abused by the perpetrator over and over in the now.

They need to feel back in control of their bodies, their minds and their lives. As a sensitive person myself I understand how it works! Being a sensitive and having intuition is a very powerful tool when we are in control of it. When it is in control of us, it’s the bitch from hell!!

Many clients wish there was a magic wand I could wave to make it all go away or to help them forget. There is no wand however I have studied many models of psychotherapy and life coaching over the years all of which have added tools to the kit we can use together. Human Givens incorporates the most effective aspects of the major models of psychotherapy and allows practitioners to enable and empower their clients to get their emotional needs met so that they can take back control of their minds, their bodies and their lives quickly and effectively!

As such my role is to support you in reducing any emotional distress from the very first meeting and to start putting YOU back in control of your mind, your body and your life. We can’t change the past but we can take control of our lives NOW and create a future different from the past!

The spirit of my work is to provide empathy and support in a light-hearted and non-judgemental manner in order to help you to empower yourself and rediscover who you are under the fear and doubt. I am here to help you process and recover from abuse and trauma, manage your anxiety and emotions, help support you to put the past behind you, take control of your life and build the future you deserve.

With my private, discreet and out of town office in the west of the island, you will be able to process your emotions in a safe and non-judgemental environment with absolutely no BS! I am completely driven by the support you need, with no box ticking or targets to hit, so that you can take back the power and control and discover the real you.

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How I Have Helped

I had been for counselling and therapy before and it had really put me off! Going over and over stuff that distressed me even more and made me feel worse. Right from the beginning with Tina it felt different. She supported me in putting the past where it belonged – behind me!

AMR Survivor of an abusive relationship

I am usually really guarded around people I don’t know but I felt as if I had known Tina for years and it really helped me to open up!

ADLM Depression/anxiety disorder

It was such a relief to discover that depression can be experienced by even the strongest and sanest person and that there is a massive difference between emotional health issues and psychiatric conditions!

MM depression

Tina helped supported me in recognising that the only person that was hurting was me and that taking back control of my life was going to much more effective and that happiness is the best revenge!

TH abuse survivor

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