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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So all this sounds interesting but how do I know if you are the right person for me?

You are welcome to contact me for an initial telephone session to discuss your needs free of charge and to check out whether or not you feel I am the right person for you. It is very important that you feel in control of the whole process, which includes choosing who you feel most comfortable to work with. You can call me on 01534 486989.

Q: So what happens if I want to work with you?

If you want to go ahead we will arrange for an initial session of 90 minutes to work out what needs attention and how we are going to go about that.

Q: How often and for how long will I need to see you?

Totally depends on what’s going on and what your needs are. Some clients get what they need from the initial consultation. Others like to book in weekly until they get on their feet and then move on to just contacting me as and when they feel the need. We will agree what will work best for you during the initial session.

Q: What if I want to ask you a question or run something by you between sessions?

Telephone/email contact is available to you at any time free of charge. You can call me on 01534 486989 or email tinachatterley@gmail.com.

Q: So how much does this cost?

My charges are £60 for a 60 minute session payable at the end of each session by cash, cheque, bank or credit card. During the pandemic these charges have been reduced to £50 until the end of July.

Q: I don’t want to risk someone I know seeing me go into your office.

Client confidentiality and privacy are vital. That is why my practice is private, discreet and out of town and clients can come and go without others knowing their business!

Q: I have a bad memory how am I supposed to remember the tools or strategies that you give me?

Hand-outs in hard copy or by email are always available to clients who want them.

Q: I had a terrible trauma that haunts me but the thought of having to drag it all up petrifies me can you help?

Yes, we use a form of therapy, which does not involve you having to disclose painful detail in order to neutralise how it is affecting you.

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Q: I have tried this sort of thing before and it didn’t work for me how will this be different?

I believe that no one model of psychotherapy is a cure all which is why I use an integration of many forms so that we can tailor the tools we use to suit you and your needs depending on whether you are a more predominantly right or left brained person.

Q: I don’t live in Jersey but I would like to work with you, is that possible?

No problem we can arrange something else for you that will work!

Q: I can’t get to you easily – where does that leave me?

We can have an initial consultation and then arrange for further sessions via telephone or email.

Q: I can’t make the session I booked with you what happens now?

If you let me know as soon as you are able that you are unable to attend no problem. Preferably 24 hours notice but things happen! If a client fails to let me know and fails to turn up then I reserve the right to charge the session fee as I could have released that time to a client on the waiting list.

How I Have Helped

Tina has a wicked sense of humour and helps you to get everything back into perspective and really take the drama out of your life so you don’t get emotionally hijacked!

EJ worrier

When my wife suggested couples counselling I thought I would have two women ganging up on me instead of one! Tina actually helped us both to see things from each others point of view and to work together not against each other.

NA nagged husband

I felt awful that I resented the changes that having our son had made to our relationship. I felt so helpless as a dad and ashamed that I wished we had never had him. Tina helped me to see that many new dads feel the same and it has nothing to do with not loving my partner or my child.

WLQ new dad

As a bloke I liked Tina’s no crap approach! She lives in the real world and tells it like it is – no psychobabble rubbish! Totally solution focused.

MT initially sceptical client

I really felt I was going mad and cracking up until Tina guided me to start getting my emotional needs met and using my resources properly.

JB sensitive soul

I used to get so mad with my boyfriend expecting him to be able to read my mind without me telling him what was wrong! Tina helped me to learn about left and right brain stuff which really helped.

DG relationship coaching

I could have divorced my wife and then gone on to repeat exactly the same patterns with someone else if I had not learnt to understand women more from Tina – now I know how we are wired differently I deal with life at home more calmly!

RK confused husband

Tina helped supported me in recognising that the only person that was hurting was me and that taking back control of my life was going to much more effective and that happiness is the best revenge!

TH abuse survivor

It was such a relief to discover that depression can be experienced by even the strongest and sanest person and that there is a massive difference between emotional health issues and psychiatric conditions!

MM depression

I am usually really guarded around people I don’t know but I felt as if I had known Tina for years and it really helped me to open up!

ADLM Depression/anxiety disorder

I had been for counselling and therapy before and it had really put me off! Going over and over stuff that distressed me even more and made me feel worse. Right from the beginning with Tina it felt different. She supported me in putting the past where it belonged – behind me!

AMR Survivor of an abusive relationship

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