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As an independent Clinical Supervisor in private practice, Tina is able to provide professional, totally confidential, objective and independent restorative, developmental and accountability supervision. This professional supportive mentoring, underpinned by Human Givens, is provided to support the resilience, longevity, good practice and motivation of therapists from all disciplines and professionals and practitioners working with people.

Tina holds the SDS Level III Advanced Approved Certificate in Clinical Supervision and the British Psychological Society Approved Certificate in Clinical Supervision being the SDS level IV Accreditation including Assessed Academic and Clinical Competence and Clinical Proficiency.

Tina offers integrative clinical supervision incorporating the best of the following models to provide you with bespoke sessions to meet your personal and professional needs, all underpinned by the Human Givens Approach:

  • Proctor Functional Model 1986/1992
  • Stoltenberg & Delworth IDM 1987/1998
  • Hawkins & Shohet DMM
  • Waskett 4S Solution Focused Strategy
  • Padeskys Supervision FOCI and Modes
  • Briggs and Miller 2005

By providing neutral clinical supervision, with no agenda or ulterior motive, therapists, professionals and practitioners can regain balance and perspective in a positive environment.

The success of supervision lies in finding a supervisor with whom you feel confident and whose style is constructive for you. Tina provides supervision and mentoring for mental health professionals, counsellors and professionals and practitioners working with and caring for people. She can help rebuild professional confidence through positive and constructive mentoring.

Whether your supervision needs are:

  • Formative – developmental
  • Normative – accountability
  • Restorative – supportive

Tina can provide validation from an integrative approach underpinned by Human Givens. If you wish to discuss your supervision needs, please call/email to arrange a free telephone consultation.

Inspired Supervision supporting those supporting others!

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Having previously held a level three advanced Clinical Supervisor qualification I recently submitted a qualitative report on the effectiveness of independent clinical supervision compared to inter organisational clinical supervision for assessment.

Additional Qualification

I am delighted to confirm that as a result of this piece of work my qualification has now upgraded to holding The British Psychological Society Certificate in Clinical Supervision.

I now have the Skills Development Service Accreditation in Clinical Supervision Level 4 Clinical Proficiency with Assessed Academic and Clinical Competence.

This approved and accredited training is listed alongside that being used by The States of Jersey & Guernsey Psychological Assessment and Therapy Service. As such I am eligible for the SDS Network of Qualified Supervisors and the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors Society.


Seeking independent support has empowered me to adopt a solution focused approach to my workplace situation. Without it I would not have been able to have do my job or stay in my current role”

“My inter organisational supervision was always being side-lined. Having a totally safe space with someone I can trust enables me to offload and address the challenges I face as opposed to being fobbed off by management.”

“I felt my wellbeing and confidence to perform was being compromised by the lack of support I was receiving in the workplace. Supplementing the support offered with independent clinical supervision has turned this around”.

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