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Managing our emotions and developing tools and techniques to cope with FEAR and ANGER gives us a level of emotional intelligence and resilience that is essential in the fast moving, constantly changing world we now live in.

Being able to focus and have clarity so that we can make the right CHOICES for ourselves that put us back in CONTROL of our personal and professional lives is a skill we all need to cultivate!

If you are reading this, something in your life is clearly not working the way YOU want and need. I will support you in working out what and how to get back on track. No tying yourself in to expensive set fee contracts paid in advance!

Some clients just need a safe, confidential sounding board to bounce off their ideas or check their perspective with someone who has no agenda other than what is right for them as opposed to how is this going to affect me!

Other clients need the security of knowing that on-going support is available to them when they need it in order to work through and overcome a deeper area of concern.

I can help build your confidence and self esteem, help you to determine your life goals and find your true, real, authentic self. I want you to be able to realise your potential and make major decisions, with clarity and without anxiety overwhelming you. Whether you simply want to regain some perspective, achieve a good work/life balance or take stock of your life, your values and what is truly important to you, I want my clients to stop existing and start living! It is time to put the past behind you, take control of your life and build the future you deserve.

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Tina outside practice

I have a private practice in a quiet and peaceful part of St Brelade which affords my clients both discretion and easy accessibility where I can work with individuals, couples and families in a relaxed, informal yet professional environment. I passionately believe that everyone deserves and has the right to personal and professional success and to live their lives to the max!

If you are looking for someone who ‘gets you’ with no BS involved, which whom you can regain perspective, develop focus and direction and take control of your life, please do get in contact with me via email, phone or Facebook. Together we can help you discover the real you so you can realise your potential and live your life with meaning and purpose!

How I Have Helped

I could have divorced my wife and then gone on to repeat exactly the same patterns with someone else if I had not learnt to understand women more from Tina – now I know how we are wired differently I deal with life at home more calmly!

RK confused husband

I used to get so mad with my boyfriend expecting him to be able to read my mind without me telling him what was wrong! Tina helped me to learn about left and right brain stuff which really helped.

DG relationship coaching

I really felt I was going mad and cracking up until Tina guided me to start getting my emotional needs met and using my resources properly.

JB sensitive soul

As a bloke I liked Tina’s no crap approach! She lives in the real world and tells it like it is – no psychobabble rubbish! Totally solution focused.

MT initially sceptical client

I felt awful that I resented the changes that having our son had made to our relationship. I felt so helpless as a dad and ashamed that I wished we had never had him. Tina helped me to see that many new dads feel the same and it has nothing to do with not loving my partner or my child.

WLQ new dad

Tina has a wicked sense of humour and helps you to get everything back into perspective and really take the drama out of your life so you don’t get emotionally hijacked!

EJ worrier

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