Relationship Counselling

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It is so easy to grow apart!

Busy lives, families, financial pressures all come to bear and put pressure and strain on a couple.

When a couple becomes a family it is so easy to lose intimacy and have mis-communication. Both parties can experience a Reality/Expectation deficit – basically their lives not living up to or working our how they expected and living a life they did not sign up for!

I will support you in learning how male and female brains differ and the massive consequences that can have on your emotions and communication.

I will work with you to rediscover the strengths of your relationships and reconnect and also to explore the areas of concern and give you the tools to get back on track – alternatively to support you in coming to terms with acknowledging that your joint journey has reached its final destination!

Perhaps you feel at a crossroads in your journey and your relationship might be in crisis, I can help coach you in communication to understand how the different sexes are wired so that there can be more emotional support and comprehension from all sides. I want you to have confidence in working out if your current challenges are a deal breaker or a blip.

Come together, come separately – we will put together a bespoke package that works the way you need it to in order to make good choices for yourself that put you back in control, to develop focus and direction and explore what happiness means to you.

With my private, discreet and out of town office in the west of the island, you will be able to discuss and work through your emotions in a safe and non-judgemental environment with absolutely no BS!

Contact me to discuss your needs to ensure that you feel I am the right person to support you – before you sign up or commit yourself to anything! I want you to be entirely confident in your decision to allow me to support you through this challenging time.

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How I Have Helped

I used to get so mad with my boyfriend expecting him to be able to read my mind without me telling him what was wrong! Tina helped me to learn about left and right brain stuff which really helped.

DG relationship coaching

When my wife suggested couples counselling I thought I would have two women ganging up on me instead of one! Tina actually helped us both to see things from each others point of view and to work together not against each other.

NA nagged husband

I could have divorced my wife and then gone on to repeat exactly the same patterns with someone else if I had not learnt to understand women more from Tina – now I know how we are wired differently I deal with life at home more calmly!

RK confused husband

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