Therapeutic Training

Bespoke training for groups and individuals

Training for groups of individuals, companies or organisations on all aspects of soft skills, emotional intelligence, resilience, stress, confidence etc.

But if you are looking for a box ticking session I am not the person for you! There will be no death by Power Point either.

I create bespoke training to meet the needs, aims and objectives of any group tailored to the challenges they are facing.

“I thought I would never be able to change careers and get another job at my age in the current climate. Tina helped me to review and stocktake my whole life and remind myself of what I was capable. I realised that what was holding me back in interviews was not my age but that I had not been showing any faith and belief in myself. She taught me how to promote myself positively in interview and I secured the next job that I went for!”

SC employed

“When I recognised how I was repeating the same patterns of behaviour and how I was being triggered by those people in my life that challenged me I was able to take back control and be more assertive!”

IP relieved

tina and chart

“I kept wanting to have more confidence. Working with Tina helped me to recognise that in order to feel and have more confidence I had to DO things and ACHIEVE things. Confidence comes after the doing not before!”

AC recovering mum

“I realised that my thoughts were emotionally terrorising me and that I needed to show them I was in control of them and not the other way around. As soon as I did that I felt much more in control and things started to fall into place.”


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